Through Farang Eyes

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Farang thailand through the eyes of an ex pat 1. This book narrates from a date with a fortune teller to tales of a reincarnated squid. It is to be enjoyed by tourists and Thais alike. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Why is my name Dead Farang?

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Looking out the window, he saw that the streets of Bangkok were crowded with people walking faster than they did in Topeka; he shook his head, remembering what the travel brochure had said about the leisurely pace of life in Thailand. He needed to open a bank account, so that he could have money transferred into it from his Topeka bank.

Through Farang Eyes

After what the menu called an American Breakfast, which was pretty good for Asia, Harry sauntered to the desk to ask the clerk to direct him to a bank. The clerk, it happened, was an attractive woman of an age which Harry guessed was late teens or early twenties. Like most Thais, she had tan skin, brown eyes, and black hair.

She smiled at him dazzlingly and asked, May I hep you? The young woman looked over her shoulder at the clock on the wall behind her.

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I get off fifteen minutes, she told him, You wait, I hep you find it. Thank you very much, Harry said. There were comfortable chairs in the lobby, and Harry found one by a table on which a previous occupant had left a copy of the Bangkok Post. Happy to find a publication in his native language, Harry leafed through it, looking for the sports section, and was pleasantly surprised to find a short story about the latest misadventure of the Kansas City Chiefs. He looked up from the paper to find the young woman standing silently before him.

You ready? He rose and accompanied her through the door to the street. Loot, she answered. He thought maybe she was trying to say Ruth, and later events proved him correct. You Mr. Hally Ambuster? She had evidently figured that out from the hotel register. The nearest branch of the Bangkok Bank, as it happened, was a block and a half away.

It gave him a strange feeling, but he did not pull his hand away. The New Accounts Officer, a young lady in a purple suit, was busy, and Ruth and Harry sat on benches to await their turn. She laughed and shook her head. No, she said, "I mean no can do. Farang no can buy house in Thailand. Can buy condo. No can buy house. The chairs across the desk from the New Accounts Officer were now vacant, and Ruth and Harry occupied them.

She say no checking account. Checking account only if you have work permit.

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Without work permit you get savings account and ATM card, no need for checks. He was relieved to find that instructions on the form he had to fill out were in both Thai and English. The form finished, he gave the New Accounts Officer the money he wanted to open the account with; she went to one of the tellers and returned with a receipt. Will mail to hotel. Tell her thank you, Harry said, and Ruth said, " Kap khun mak kah. No, Ruth explained. Only woman say kah.

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You man, you say kap. Harry corrected himself, and he and Ruth left the bank. He thought that he should treat Ruth to a meal to repay her for her help. Have you had lunch?

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She held his hand again as they crossed the street. They entered a large, dark area filled with shops of all kinds and busy with people jostling each other in the aisles. Harry followed Ruth, who looked back from time to time to see that he was still with her, and she led him to a little area with a dozen tables, at one of which they sat. The menu card was on the wall, in Thai, and Ruth translated it for him. Harry had no idea what most of the dishes were, so he told Ruth to order for him.

Ruth gave the order to the middle-aged waitress, who in turn relayed it to a man standing at the back of the restaurant. Harry was amazed to see that the stove was a canister of natural gas with a ring around the top, and the man cooked every order separately in a wok which rested in the ring. For utensils there were a fork and a large spoon. Harry took his first bite of the concoction. His reaction caused all the heads in the restaurant, and some in the aisle outside, to turn in his direction. Ruth took his plate and picked out some shiny, dark red vegetables.

Peppers, she explained. Now you try. We knew we had to travel great distances to find like minded people who loved to move and saw the world differently like we did.

As a huge playground. As something to be explored and rediscovered daily. In a world where we feel like theres nothing new to be found, we uncovered new worlds in our own urban back yards. Thats how Farang came about.