The Night Wanderers: Ugandas children and the Lords Resistance Army

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Suddenly the world that was so hyped on the Kony ideology felt duped. Kony and the kidnapped child soldiers of the LRA were once again forgotten. The family blamed the stress of the backlash on the episode and there has been little said about what really happened to Russell that day. Wojciech Jagielski, The Night Wanderers. Magic appears to lurk behind every development of this war — spiritually, historically and politically. He travels to the Ugandan countryside, to the town of Gulu, where one of many rehabilitation centres for former child soldiers is set up.

Yet to no avail.

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And yet others have done it and not suffered the sort of stage fright Jagielski appears to be experiencing. It is no wonder Jagielski appears to doubt himself at every turn, finding he might have bitten off more than he can chew, finding he has trouble fixing on the story he wants to tell and the story people will want to hear.

Uganda: the hunt for Joseph Kony and the Lord's Resistance army continues

At times his relationship with Samuel too appears to grow as the boy seems more willing to tell the story of how he murdered his family and set out across the country at the heels of Kony, ruthlessly bludgeoning countless numbers of innocent villagers, only to draw back into his shell without warning, just as the gruesome facts of his past start rising to the surface.

An attempt to understand how the moral fabric of Ugandan society has been destroyed, with families torn apart, children kidnapped and made to be killers and concubines. Those who manage to escape are feared and shunned by their families, living on the fringes of society, they wander the night alone, cut off from society forever.

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