The Majesty The Mystery And The Mission of Marriage

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On Her Majesty's Secret Service d. Peter Hunt. Suicidal, lovelorn, tragic and daring Teresa or "Tracy" first met up with Bond George Lazenby on a deserted coastal beach in Portugal, when he rescued her from committing suicide - she was walking fully clothed into the ocean to drown herself. Although Bond saved her, the troubled female sped off in her car and he didn't learn her identity until later - as Contessa Teresa Di Vicenzo, although she liked to be called Tracy. Finding themselves at the same South of France hotel, Bond watched as the beautiful female approached his gambling table in the casino, in a provocatively revealing low-cut dress, and foolishly made a gambling bet.

He covered her bet when she lost, after which she invited him to come to her room suite that evening.

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After beating off a black assailant in her room, he found her in his own room, wearing his short hotel robe and lingerie underneath, and holding his own gun on him. She proposed: "Suppose I were to kill you for a thrill. Lying on his balcony's lounge-bed, she countered that she was there for "a business transaction" - to repay her debt of 20, Francs to him. Bond kissed her, and they slept together that night. He was awakened the next morning and discovered she had left and checked out. In his bedside drawer, Bond's gun had been replaced by two 10, Franc gambling chips, he had been "paid in full.

Teresa was the only child of crime syndicate head Draco Gabriele Ferzetti , whom he raised alone from age 12 after his wife died.

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While unsupervised and finishing her education in Switzerland, she joined the "fast international set, one scandal after another. Blofeld, wishing to bestow upon himself the title of Count, maintained a mountaintop hideaway Piz Gloria in Switzerland, an allergy clinic front for patients Angels of Death , who were to help him in his scheme to blackmail the United Nations and the world with the threat of massive destruction by bacteriological means.

Headstrong, adventurous, independent-spirited, and spoiled as a Mafia heiress, Tracy initially resisted Bond because she distrusted her father's motivations, but she eventually succumbed to his sincere romantic interest in her and they became lovers. She helped Bond to evade Blofeld's pursuing guards on skis when he escaped from Piz Gloria and sought to hide in the village of Murren.

She admitted a "new interest in life" and in him while driving wildly in her red Cougar, eventually escaping by sidetracking the pursuit in a stock car race.

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That evening during a blinding snowstorm, they sought refuge in a barn, and Bond proposed marriage "I know I'll never find another girl like you Will you marry me? He called her "Mrs. James Bond" while kissing her, but then announced that they wouldn't make love: "The proper time for this is our wedding night, and that's my New Years' resolution. The next day, she was caught in a tremendous man-made avalanche and taken prisoner by Blofeld. However, she was later rescued during her father's massive assault on Piz Gloria, as she also displayed courageous fighting skills by killing henchman Grunther Yuri Borienko.

After the end of Bond's mission, he and Tracy were reunited and married at her father's ranch in Portugal. In the shocking and tearjerking ending of this film, the British Secret Service agent senselessly lost his newly-wed wife Tracy Bond - the only Bond girl to every marry Bond - only moments after their Portugal wedding.

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As they left for their honeymoon in his flower-adorned dark-green Aston Martin DBS car, Tracy mentioned wanting a large family "three girls, three boys". He assured her: "But darling, now we have all the time in the world. Suddenly without warning, MP submachine gun fire from a passing silver Mercedes sedan strafed their car in a drive-by shooting, and then drove away. Blofeld was driving the vehicle in the attempt on Bond's life -- his henchwoman Irma Bunt Ilse Steppat had fired the shots from the back seat of the sedan.

Bond ducked and avoided being hit. He shouted twice: "It's Blofeld" as he jumped into his car, realizing then that Tracy had been hit in the forehead by a bullet through the windshield and was instantly killed. He cradled her in his arms, and at first denied her death to a police officer on a motorcycle:. Are you pointing to a specifically American cultural problem? Is it generational? Is it simply a matter of sin?

Of Majesty and Mystery

Culturally, and all I know is American culture, we have moved radically toward self-identity and egalitarianism. The more you become like Christ, the more you are truly yourself. That message does not get expressed at all culturally. Instead we are encouraged to be individuals without any paradigm, which seems to be leading to extreme narcissism and loneliness.

I do believe that misses the mark. Do you think differently about music, including rock music, now that you are ordained? I am very picky. With my own writing, certainly I have a new kind of care that I should take. I like to be provocative but I have to be thoughtful of the kind of provocations I make for the sake of the community that I serve. The only thing that seems authentic are the struggles and doubt. Above all, I want to write about joy, but that is the most difficult. The most joy I ever experienced musically was seeing the Flaming Lips live.

It was palpable and authentic. So, I try to capture that. Perhaps this is where worship fits in? Worship seeks transcendence. Surely that is authentic? The Mother of God EP was topical.

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It was a Christmas record and something I had never thought of doing before. They certainly are not liturgical songs, but they are informed by living life liturgically. I suppose I only think of worship in terms of liturgy. Liturgy is illuminating and transfiguring. It may be transcendent, but that seems to be more of an emotional response, which I rarely experience.

In liturgical action, I am doing the thing I was made to do, and that is authentic. The longer I live this way, the more authentic I feel.

It is confessional. Going back to figures like St. Athanasius, the Orthodox Church has consistently affirmed the goodness of both the material world and human embodiment. What is the relationship between sensual pleasure — in its most extreme form, hedonism — and the discipline askesis of the body necessary for genuine spiritual growth?

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Certain Christians, it seems, gave up this idea long time ago in favor of dualism. Everything is affected. We close our eyes and imagine God rather than look at the icon of Christ.