The Five Points of Calvinism

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One helpful way to reflect the reality of depravity in worship is a prayer of confession.

Calvinism in a Nutshell (John MacArthur)

First, even if that reason is true, Scripture calls us to prioritize edifying the people of God in our services, not making visitors comfortable see 1 Cor This doctrine implies that God takes the initiative in all of his dealings with us—including our worship of him. Our worship is a gift we offer back to God, but God himself is its ultimate source and benefactor Eph This simple practice subtly signals that it is God who reveals himself to us and calls us into a reconciled relationship with him.

If we believe God has freely chosen to deliver a people by his mercy, then a substantive prayer of praise belongs in our services as well.

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It strikes me as strange when I attend a church that supposedly holds to reformed theology, yet only has one or two perfunctory prayers. A prayer of praise helps us marry doxology and theology. The glory of the doctrine of particular redemption is that Christ died for his chosen people, the church Eph Since this is the case, reformed pastors must work to counteract the trend in evangelical worship toward individualism.

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In other words, a reformed service is one where the church—the bride for whom Jesus died—is visible, as it were, to itself. One way we can highlight this reality is by emphasizing the corporate nature of the ordinances.

What is TULIP in Calvinism?

Baptism is where a believer takes on the family name. The Supper is where believers sit down to the family meal. Praising God is one way we edify the body. By his Word. Simply put, this means that a reformed church service should be saturated with Scripture.

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Our job is to devote ourselves to the public reading of the Word 1 Tim and to preach the good news faithfully. God alone changes hearts.

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    The Five Points of Calvinism – by W.J. Seaton | Reformed Theology at A Puritan's Mind

    Calvin and his fellow Reformers held to doctrines that stand in clear continuity with the Canons of Dort, but neither Calvin nor his fellow Reformers, nor the authors of the Canons, would have reduced their confessional position to TULIP. I hope this is the first installment of several.

    Pingback: Sunday Supper August 24, a pastors ponderings. Finally Part Three documents the case for Calvinism by providing resources for each of the points and the entire system.

    The Five Points of Calvinism Considered

    The updated version adds additional information and resources not included in the original. Why should you get this book? The Five Points of Calvinism qualifies as a modern classic not only because of its popularity, but also the quality endorsements for the book.

    Secondly, the writers carefully and successfully defend the Calvinist position. They fairly present free-will defenses, and grapple with verses that seem to support it.