Struggle and Survival in Palestine/Israel

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Muslim Leaders Declare East Jerusalem the Palestinian Capital

You can go to cart and save for later there. Read preview. With contributions from a leading cast of scholars across disciplines, the stories here are drawn from a variety of sources, from stories passed down through generations to family archives, interviews, and published memoirs.

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As these personal narratives are transformed into social biographies, they explore how the protagonists were embedded in but also empowered by their social and historical contexts. This wide-ranging and accessible volume brings a human dimension to a conflict-ridden history, emphasizing human agency, introducing marginal voices alongside more well-known ones, defying "typical" definitions of Israelis and Palestinians, and, ultimately, redefining how we understand both "struggle" and "survival" in a troubled region.

Read preview Overview. Israel or Palestine? The Middle East Journal, Vol. The fact is Palestinians are neither potential "martyrs" nor potential "terrorists". They are people who are denied basic human rights, who have been dispossessed from their lands and are grievously mistreated. They have resisted for over six decades, and they will continue to resist until they acquire their fundamental human rights to the last one.

This is the core of the Palestinian narrative, yet it is the least told story. A true understanding would require a greater exposure of the extraordinary, collective narrative of the "ordinary people". NG: I believe that acts of resistance become meaningful and powerful only if they are made visible through storytelling. The storytelling, in turn, can encourage the citation and repetition of the subversive actions or discursive practices, and this reproduction process can ultimately transform marginalised actions into the norm.

This is when petrified historical processes begin to change.

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As Marx famously wrote in The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte , people make "their own history, but they do not make it Only by producing a wide array of actions that challenge, resist and defy these oppressive structures can the historical process change.

But such actions have to be converted into stories [to have power]. RB: On the one hand, it's crucial to show that ordinary Palestinians are not unique in their ideas, behaviour and actions.

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Yet I've also come to understand how profound is the relationship between personal histories, collective narratives and the right path to a just peace-all in the context of the profound impact of conflict on every aspect of Palestinian life. The matrix of Israeli control runs so deep and goes back decades; there was nothing random, born out of chance or propelled by supposed Palestinian provocations.

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But if the Israelis have controlled the first part Plan Dallet, the Allon Plan, Oslo, the Gaza siege , the Palestinians are in charge of the second - their resistance, steadfastness, intifadas, sumoud. It's important that it is no longer the dominant one. NG: We must remember that speaking truth to power is a central part of Jewish culture.

Indeed, it seems to me that one cannot understand the Biblical prophets in any other way.

Gershon Shafir: Unsettling the Israeli Occupation

Hence, all those Jewish dissidents who appear in the book, including people like Hillel Kook and Jonathan Pollack, who might very well reject this categorisation, are following a pronounced, and in my mind, great Jewish tradition. But they are, to be sure, doing it in their own way, being sensitive to the circumstances that shape their present and using the methods and strategies available to them as well as their particular talents.

Palestine, Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

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