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Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Gang of thugs led by John Brandes, secretary to Mr. Vander, a banker, who faked his own kidnapping along with Vander and his daughter in order to learn the combination to Vander's safe. Very gaunt leader of a group of foreign saboteurs who destroyed American infrastructure during full moons. One-eyed leader of a spy ring, out to steal a formula for liquid dynamite.

Henchmen included the ax-wielding Ax and the Dwarf, a bald little person with a penchant for chanting, "We kill! We kill! Ha, ha! Gang leader responsible for the deaths of children from sales of faulty playground equipment to the city. Madman bent on destroying the subway system. Disguised himself in a bulletproof metal sphinx suit.

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Used alias "Mr. Ivan," also disguised himself as Mr. Ivan's sister. Caped madman who operated from a massive airplane and dropped cars, like bombs, onto the streets below. Sought a smokescreen gas formula. Criminal mastermind who used a gang of thugs dressed as apes in his quest to seize and destroy plans for a lie detection machine.

Judge Talmadge lived a double life as Countess Belladonna, seemingly sweet old lady who knitted names in "her" scarf of the people "she" intended to kill with poisoned knitting needles. Also disguised himself as "Dr. Zinn" in a carnival Mystery Men 29 , and wielded a feather fan that opened to reveal a hypnotic death head image that could overcome other people's will.

Necrow disguised himself as Death, skull-masked and caped flying devil, to kidnap people to serve as slaves in a secret uranium mine underneath the city. Otto Bohm, head of the Nazi Gestapo operation in the U.

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The Mikado's deadliest agent, the Yellow Fang is named for the two long curved teeth protruding from his upper teeth. Disfigured man with yellow skin, who surrounds himself with disfigured henchmen, uses super-hypnotic powers to induce innocent people into murderous rages. Kommandant Viltz led the German occupation of Holland, wearing a mask because one of the victims of his favorite torture—pouring hot oil in people's faces—threw the oil in his own face. Murderous and powerful pair of invaders from Saturn, in a multi-part serial that ran one chapter at a time.

Taunts his future murder victims by painting grisly scenes of their deaths, then stages "accidents" just as he painted them. Elaborate scheme by member of the wealthy Dane family to kill off the other heirs. Really Mr. Lunar, who left prison and set in motion a mad scheme for revenge on the judge, prosecutor, and witness who sent him to prison. Plan involved decoys whom he drove mad with chemical-laced masks that self-destructed in flames when removed. Mob boss with a web tattoo on his left cheek, whose plans always involved a different angle, and was caught thanks to Joan Mason, girl reporter and Blue Beetle's girlfriend.

Miss Louis, archaeologist, tried to revive an ancient Egyptian mummy—and succeeded, although the mummy Cyto believed Miss Louis resembled exactly Patra, his lover who set him up for murder in ancient Egypt. Cyto then killed Miss Louis, believing her to be the reincarnated Patra.

Prussian princess stealing corpses and stuffing them with gold in order to smuggle gold to Nazi allies in South America without being caught by customs. Masked sociopath who planned a series of murders of women, calculated to make headlines and establish herself as someone who would stop at nothing, in preparation for a lucrative kidnapping career. Left behind a small sphinx figurine at the scene of her dagger murders, one of them staged spectacularly under the nose of the police. Hunter Mann, entomologist whose skin has turned green from prolonged exposure to chlorophyll compounds, gained the power to fly, an invulnerable exoskeleton, and the power to paralyze people with his stare, along with the power to control enlarged deadly creatures.

Powerful robot programmed with the mind of Dr. Jeremiah Clugg, a misanthropic college science teacher also a skilled hypnotist. Ancient Egyptian entity brought back to life with the power to fire energy bolts and enslave humans, who became hawk-headed creatures, and was defeated when the Blue Beetle learned its true name, composed only of vowels. Just some random scans:. After a long rant explaining his backstory goaded on by Peter, and it is slightly incongruous that the characters only 'remember' things that happened in ASM, and not Untold Tales References: Stromm was assassinated in Amazing Spider-Man 37 actually, he had a heart attack after the Green Goblin shot at him and missed.

Stromm wasn't actually assassinated by the Green Goblin, it was more of an attempted assassination. The Goblin was about to shoot him when he had a heart attack. It seems like Stan planned it this way, so that Spidey could let Norman off the hook since hadn't committed any "real" crimes. Posted by: Michael May 23, PM. Someone corrected me on that and i added a clarification on ASM 37 but i missed the Reference to it here. I've updated it now. Posted by: fnord12 May 25, PM. Total agree on your views on Romita.

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He was a gigantic step over Ditko. I found these 2 issues in clear plastic at the old comic shop in downtown Honolulu when I was a kid. I still have them. Great art, story and dialogue.

The Goblin was one of my favorite villains and Romita sure new how to capture him. Then again, so did Spider-man! Posted by: Mike July 19, PM. Roy also states that at one point Ditko wanted the Goblin to be a nondescript nobody. Yeah, the art here is really fresh and great. These two issues are widely acknowledged classics.

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I remember reading the second issue on Bring on the Bad Guys as a kid. Mark Drummond - in terms of that interview, it's nice to see these same arguments would crop up 20 years later with the Hobgoblin. According to John Romita in Comics Interview 89, at the time he took over, Stan Lee told him that Spider-Man was already Marvel's 2nd-bestselling book right behind Fantastic Four and that Daredevil sales jumped way up during Romita's time there.

I've never been comfortable with Ditko's version of the GG identity, that he wanted Osborn and Stan wanted somebody else. Posted by: kveto February 21, AM. But clearly Ditko liked the idea of making a background character in the crowd the main villain since he did the same thing with Nathan Boder in the Speedball series.


Posted by: Michael February 21, PM. Ditko's version isn't that he wanted Osborn and Stan wanted somebody else. Ditko's version is that he wanted Osborn, and so that's not "why he left". Posted by: S February 22, PM. Steve said at one point that when he left, Stan wouldn't talk to him. In response to that, Stan brought up his own terrible memory, but then said he doesn't see why he wouldn't have talked to Steve: "'I wouldn't talk to him? I talk to everybody. Most people wish I would shut the hell up!

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Posted by: mikrolik February 23, AM. The Harry Osborn reveal must have been a bummer to readers at the time. What a letdown. A character revealed two issues before ok he had been hanging out "in the background" but who would guess a nameless background character.

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Imagine how much more dramatic impact it would have had if say JJ Jameson had been the face revealed when GG takes off his mask. Or even Ned Leeds, Peter's rival. Now it wouldnt have helped the characters in the long term, but im sure they didnt imagine we'd still be talking about it years later. Posted by: kveto February 23, PM. I dont really buy the "distinctive hairstyle" idea. That Osborn hair was a pretty common style for Ditko to use.

Sandman, for example.

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He used it with a number of his 50s characters. JJJ was an ideal foil for Spider-Man; someone who openly criticized the masked vigilante in public. Plus, it was cool how Peter exploited Jameson by selling him the Spider-Man photos, which Jameson might not have been as keen to buy if he wasn't so anti-Spidey. Also, Spidey's income goes out the window. What happens to the Daily Bugle once the secret is out?

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Yeah, Norman Osborn's reveal isn't without its faults, but I think he was the best choice as of 39; if the reveal was delayed to some issues later, they could have set up another character. It wasn't so much that he was a background character as much as that he was Harry Osborn's father, who by this point was a much more established character. This way, he has some connection to Peter, but not too much. Posted by: mikrolik February 23, PM.

While the idea that "every comic is someone's first" is a good thing in general, as we know it can lead to some awfully contrived exposition, and Peter's comment upon learning the Green Goblin's identity is a good example of that. You're Harry Osborn's father!