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Facts are objective, are supported by evidence and can be replicated. Morality is subjective and may require an act of faith and similar situations may not result in similar outcomes.

A kills B. Factually A commits an act that results in the death of B. A is morally responsible for the death of B, unless the death was the direct result of state sanctioned homicide. Stalin justified the murder of 3 to 60 million Russians as morally necessary to preserve the Soviet state.

Don't pass a stopped school bus

Hitler and the Nazis killed 6 million Jews, gypsies and other undesirables as a matter of state policy and moral imperative. Are you talking about everybody having to drive an electric car? What is the problem with trying to push our technological capacities to the furthest extent possible?

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Has somebody told the space cadet that the solar panels and wind turbines she is so in love with are built with steel? Who will break the news to her that the manufacture of steel requires coal? Would it bust her bubble to know that petroleum is used for more than just gasoline and diesel fuel.

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  • There is a quite a large list of products made from petroleum. This list is constantly growing as new inventions are created. Here are some of the items which are made from petroleum.

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    A legitimate interviewer would not have let the space cadet off so easily. Jake: Can you believe it?!

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    Little Richard. What a world. The opening really is perfect, a solid blend of tension and comedy and striking visuals. Don Johnson trying to ward off a furious nun as she beats the perp with her Bible is really funny.

    Let's Meet Where the Buses Don't Run: Innovations in Narrative practice

    This episode is fairly well-paced, but I think your enjoyment of it might be determined by how much you can tolerate Hank Weldon. He is a fountain of bad dad jokes and cringey one-liners, made tolerable in my opinion by the slow burn buildup of his obvious and pronounced mental issues.

    Weldon is like if Jar Jar Binks had depression and then—spoilers—you found out he murdered a guy at the end of Phantom Menace. Jake: An apt and disturbing comparison!

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    One of the coolest parts of this episode is a huge drug bust that takes place in the Stiltsville projects out in the waters of Miami, a collection of buildings held up out of the water on, well, stilts. Max, this episode gifts us Tubbs riding shotgun in a speedboat shooting at drug dealers with an assault rifle, which is a visual so ridiculous that it could just as easily exist as a parody of Miami Vice. The major plot with Arcaro, Costanza and Weldon is…muddled to say the least.

    Miami Vice Changed Everything S02E03: Out Where the Buses Don't Run

    Jake: I have to agree with you here. In service to the big reveal perhaps, but thinking about it now, not particularly cleanly structured. Jake: Honestly what makes this episode for me is about the last three or four minutes. Perhaps as a narrative experimentation on its own the episode falls flat, but the bizarre performances and great bookends are what really make the whole thing talking about.

    Max: Gotta love the choice of Dire Straits over this ending.