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My Friend Tricked Me A friend of mine contacted me and he wanted to get together for a cup of coffee. Prospecting Posture It took me a long time to finally figure it out.

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My upline would always tell me, the secret to recruiting is posture. I still had a scarcity mentality and I wanted to recruit everybody however nobody was joining […]. One of the things that new network marketers […]. Warm Market Prospecting One of the first things that you are told to do when you join this profession of Network Marketing is to make a list and talk to your friends and family.

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The whole idea behind […]. Prospecting There is definitely an art and a science to prospecting.

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Like any skill, the more you do it, the better you get and the more comfortable you are. Many network marketers actually know how to invite and they know how to qualify a prospect but they need to know how to set it up. By Kenny Santos on April 12, in mlm prospecting.

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Continue Reading 5. By Kenny Santos on April 8, in mlm prospecting.

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Continue Reading 1. By Kenny Santos on April 1, in mlm prospecting. Continue Reading Without you and your vehicle, the chances of them achieving financial freedom and time freedom are pretty slim. But on the contrary, without them, you still will… unless you quit. So whether they realize it or not, they need you more than you need them.

I still have my original names list and when I look at it today, not a single one of those first people I contacted and exposed to my business who turned down me makes more than money than I do today, nor do they have the amount of time freedom and flexibility I do now.

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Walk and talk with confidence, keep your chest up, and have some posture! You see the key to success in business and in life is boldness! No one in history has ever become successful or accomplished anything in life, of any significance, while being timid and scared. Fun Fact: When I first saw the person who ended becoming the 1 all time top producing rep I ever recruited onto my team, he was at a gas station walking towards his fancy looking Escalade SUV and talking on the phone…. So I did just that.

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I prospected him, followed up with him, and recruited him into my business. He ended up not just joining and but joining and going on to eventually become my best friend and 1 all time producer!

But before I share it with you and the formula below I want you to understand the raw power of it…. When I first got into this industry I used to suck at recruiting. Thanks to mastering this formula, in our current network marketing company my Fiance and I personally recruited people our first days.

The coolest part about this was that we made less than phone calls to accomplish that. Which is always fun. And the most importantly our team loves having us as their Upline because they get to put us on the phone with their prospects and learn from us firsthand and listen to us close their people and build their team for them. The above image is a slide taken from a webinar you can watch for free here. Okay so to better understand this formula and what is shown in the slide above, here are a few insights into how people think and what has to happen for them to be excited and want to make spontaneous buying or joining decisions without objections or buyers remorse creeping in afterwards….

Never be that. The key is getting your prospect to want to share with you all their problems and pains or to discover them based on the information they share with you. The trick is you need to make sure you master each one of these steps: building rapport, building trust and credibility, finding information, finding a problem, presenting a solution and presenting your call to action. However, because I obviously wanted to arm my team with this information to help them jack up their sales and recruiting I created a webinar teaching the Immediate Yes Formula and how to eliminate just about every type of objection there is out there, before it comes up.

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I kept it private for a long time and only shared it with my team, but I recently made a generic non-company specific version of this webinar, chopped it up and made it shorter, punchier, and pretty funny too. If you want to see it you can, Click here to watch a free replay of it here. I cut years off of learning curve by seeking out the best of the best and finding ways to soak up everything I could possibly learn from them. My first mentor Larry Gregory, was the guy who sponsored my sponsor. I figured out pretty quickly that he was amazing at cold market prospecting and since I had ran out of most of my friends and family, I wanted to learn how to do that. So I literally uprooted my life and moved to the city where he had a beach house and visited on the weekends. I followed him around everywhere I could, watched him make phone calls and do presentations. I learned a ton from him and cut my learning curve by years.