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Schreiner and Shawn D. Note the free PDF. Covenant theology, then, according to the paedobaptist, requires infant baptism. However, if this understanding is inaccurate, then the entire biblical and theological warrant for the practice of infant baptism evaporates. In this chapter, albeit in a preliminary way, I have argued that the latter is the case. At the heart of the paedobaptist problem, I contend, is a failure to understand correctly the proper relationship between the biblical covenants.

Hooray for dichotomy busters! Any Covenantal Baptist would object strongly to the claim that the Covenant of Grace necessitates paedobaptism. Paedobaptism is one potential application, the legitimacy of which must be tested against the rest of Scripture. Is there a significant amount of development between these two books?

Introduction Covenant theology, then, according to the paedobaptist, requires infant baptism.

The Covenantal Argument for Infant Baptism 2. An Outline of the Argument 2. The Parties of the Covenant 2.

The Nature of the Church and Infant Baptism 2. The Invisible and the Visible Church [Note esp. Evidence for the Paedobaptist View of the Church 2. The Spiritual Meaning of Circumcision 2. Even on this thread itself, there were more appropriate places to challenge the larger issues. And maybe I do object to the assumption that your position is news to any of us who frequent this blog. Actually, these are not the only two choices. A fair construal of infant baptism as opposed to an unfair one would consider that baptism that saves the elect through the way the Bible says ordinances that portray the Gospel do: when water, bread, and wine are received with the Word, according to the capacity of faith given by God.

And note, this does not require speculative commitments about infant faith. My FV friends even talk about unborn infants receiving communion in the womb via the umbilical cord. Baptism and table are not means of salvation. They are expressions of it, public testimonies of the saint willingly identifying with Jesus and His death, and willing to die for His testimony. Pardon me, but, no, that is just your apparent opinion of the Reformed view.

Deal honestly—you know that our view of the sacraments holds that they preach the gospel.

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At least you make clear your diminished view of these ordinances, admittedly in order to preserve the Gospel. But that is to be wiser than God. Any more than I have a diminished view of cutlery just because somebody is using it to dig in the ground. The sacraments are far more glorious than any sacramentalist suspects. Baptism is a knighthood and communion is the round table. Only prophets eat with God. So I am against baptists who serve grape juice to adults, but also against paedobaptists who give wine to infants. Just in case this fouls up… I am BJ from the old blog format.

To use those Peter references to justify some kind of tribal baptism which is what paedobaptism is is to miss the point of those statements entirely. He is writing to Jews Mike, Thanks for the response.

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It might surprise you that I agree with much of what you say. I am still working through the implications of infant baptism, but I will add this. The notion of our nationhood or chosen people-ness? I prefer the phrase covenant people is what leads me to see infant baptism as at the very least feasible, if not outright obligatory. Good points BJ, and very thoughtful. So the continuity is not a carnal one. It the continuity between flesh and smoke in the sacrificial process.

Even Israel itself had a blood boundary circumcision and a water boundary ministry and mediation in microcosm. PB thinking — starts with an assumption of paedobaptism and goes looking for evidence to support it. Sees every reference to infant and child as support, but also ignores any contrary evidence: i.

Paedobaptism turns the church into a fertility cult to some degree. It changes the focus of the Gospel and the nature of New Covenant succession, making it parochial rather than pioneering. How could one tell from the outward conduct of a young child if he or she were regenerate?

If we imagine twins, one regenerate, one not, would we find evidence in their demeanor even at an early age? Would the regenerate child be less foolish, less childish, than his twin? If you believed a child was in fact regenerate, should that have any impact on how you raise that child? We baptize because our children covenantally belong to Christ. It is possible that regeneration will occur before, during, or after baptism, but when is not important to the baptism itself.

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The important thing is that we rear our children in the gospel, and look for evidences of faith as we encourage them in that. Pastor Wilson — Excellent points, mostly. But God shed blood in the Garden to open the womb and the Land, albeit with limiting curses. So a link remains between offering children to Molech and infant baptism.

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Both are Baalism, an intended stimulation of the natural that it might produce fruit outside the clear commandments of God. Faith comes by hearing. See my comments below to Jane. Yes, paedobaptism is just like circumcision, and thus worthless. Baptism is about circumcision of heart. Your baptism is entirely carnal. Circumcision IS really a waste of time. Mike you seem to fear His prerogative His interest in saving babies. Not too partial to the kiddos? Our kids aged 24 to 12 are believers.

No sprinkling required. All they need is the Gospel. Baptism is the first step in their testimony as Gospel witnesses. All children everywhere are already in the New Covenant. That was the point of ending circumcision. Basic logic. But if you knew a particular infant in the womb did have faith, would you baptize such when he came out for a look around?

To use that to claim that Christian babies are baby Christians is to sit enthroned and cut strips off the New Testament and throw them into the fire. Paul would give you a black eye. Or was it a miracle of capability? Faith is hearing what God says, and believing it based on confidence in His character. Are you saying that infants that are born of the Spirit after the Seed came are ok to baptize then? God deals in fractals and images. Our job as baptised, believing parents is to raise our children that they might become children of God. Baptism is investiture. It makes you a mediator like Adam.

We father our children until they can answer to the heavenly Father — and His church — for themselves. The second birth is a miracle. Jacob and Esau were brothers by birth, and both circumcised as sons of an earthly father.

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Paedobaptism is not a celebration of earthly fatherhood. It divides between Jacob and Esau, between a response of faith demonstrated in profession and works, and a response which despises spiritual things. Stop worrying about your kids. Just teach them the truth.