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There are still a couple of caterpillar that are still chowing down on leaves. Should I bring them inside or will it be too cool in general even if they do make it to the butterfly! Thank you and my apologies for the typos! Hi there!

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I was trying to relocate a chrysalis from a low-hanging leaf and tied the thread around the cremaster stem too tight. Chrysalis Problems and Solutions.

Is it possible it will still come out? Hello, My monarch emerged this morning and seemed to be doing fine, moving well for a half hour to hour, then I noticed it just stopped moving completely. Has my monarch likely died? She is still hanging, but is motionless.

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Hi Kelly, they expel meconium reddish fluid about a half hour after they emerge. Hi there. He put it in his big cage. Neither he nor my husband mentioned this to me. Which is how I found out about the Caterpillar! When he picked up the cage the chrysalis fell. I gently scooped it up with the leaf that was in the cage. It was still wiggling around near the top. I googled and found this site. Which has been so helpful!!!

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I didnt find any silk anywhere. It did wiggle and had some of the black leftover Caterpillar shell on the very top of it.

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So following the advice on here I let it sit on the leaf until the 48hrs were up. My husband and I were able to wrap dental floss around the black tip and tape that to the top of the cage. I dont see any signs of damage. I dont see ant black marks or spots. Do you think there is a good chance it will be okay? We have a bunch of wild milkweed in our backyard near our old garden. We purposely leave it to grow wild in that area just to watch the butterflies. There is a bunch of other wild flowers in there too.

Naturally growing. The kids and I sit and watch the monarchs fly all over it during the summer. And although my 6yr old asked this year to try to raise some we never did. Just wanted to know your thoughts.

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Not a pest or disease issue but a release question. There is also a tropical storm currently headed for Mexico and another possible one out there a ways in the Atlantic. This is our second year raising monarchs from gathered eggs off my outdoor plants and so far so good. Advice would be appreciated. Delaying Release and Feeding butterflies. Re close quarters with 2 stage 5s: they fought, and we could hear the clicking of their antennae. What determines the direction in which a chrysalis hangs? In the past, all my chrysalides hung with the same directional orientation — like little soldiers marching the same way.

This year, I have had two cages where they hung willy nilly in any direction. In both cases with mixed alignment, the orientation of the cage was not changed while the caterpillars were growing and eating. One of my chrysalis became dark and I could see wing color.

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I was expecting to see a butterfly but nothing happened. I dissected the chrysalis and though the butterfly was dead, it was completely formed. What could cause such a late death? Hi Doris, if the butterfly is heavily infect with OE, they can get stuck in the chrysalis. I have a chrysalis that appears healthy but has been hanging for over 2 weeks.

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It is still bright green. However, cold temps slow dow metamorphosis…give it a few more days. Hi Anna, deformed and bent wings are often a symptom of heavy OE infection. You can keep feeding her, just keep her separated from other monarchs in case it is OE. Recently we found 22 monarch caterpillars after releasing the last of 8 a few days prior. I change out their milk weed in the mesh habitats daily. I have 7 in their chrysalides.

But one of them had fallen to the bottom of the habitat. What should I do about it? I have it hanging again. They were both on the smaller side. Best to euthanize? I currently have another that seems to be doing the same. When my husband removed it, it burst and liquid goo came out. I immediately removed all caterpillars and cleaned the habitat. Ideas of cause? We never had any of these issues with our first 8 in August. Hi Michelle, using wet paper towels inside the cage and raising monarchs on the cage floor can spread disease. I would try a different system next season.

Homeschooling Mom here! This is our first year raising monarchs! What should I do!? Can I relocate this late in the process!?! Milkweed Stem Cuttings. Fellow Monarch Mentor in Toronto here. Today I will release my 88th and last Monarch of the season.

I use whole plant cuttings in water to keep them fresh, and have encountered the problem of caterpillars consuming the leaf on which the chrysalis hangs. My solution is to cut the whole leaf from the plant while it is still fresh and carefully thread a bamboo barbecue skewer through the leaf parallel to the spine. As the leaf dries, the skewer keeps it firmly attached and in place and the chrysalis safe until it ecloses. I am disappointed in my expectation that I would collect more eggs late in this season. I see Monarchs feeding in the garden now, but no one laying eggs.

Is this typical of the season up here in southwestern Ontario? Good luck!