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Victims must be identified before they can be removed from their trafficking situations. Training those who are most likely to come into contact with victims, such as educators, health care providers, aid workers and law enforcement has proven to increase identification of victims. Promotion of anti-trafficking hotlines as well as raising awareness among the general public, are critical, as well.

Partnerships between law enforcement, government officials and non-profit organizations have proven to be an effective way to help victims secure freedom.

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While law enforcement arrest and prosecute traffickers operating brothels, illegal brick kilns or factories, non-profits and government agencies provide needed services to survivors. Millions more will secure freedom when these strategies are brought to scale. Survivors of trafficking have complex needs, which may include housing, health care, education, legal support and job training. Every survivor of trafficking should have access to comprehensive victim-centered, trauma-informed care—which have proven to help survivors recover and thrive.

Yet many are turned away from access to these critical services because of funding constraints. When law enforcement has the training and resources to go after trafficking networks, criminals are brought to justice.

Justice systems across the United States and around the world need resources to increase prosecutions of all actors involved in the business of trafficking, while ensuring that victims are not criminalized and are offered services. When businesses hold their suppliers to high standards, and monitor their practices—human trafficking is eliminated from supply chains.

These supply chains are complex and span the globe, however, when existing tools are brought to scale, we leverage technology and data innovations to root out unscrupulous suppliers and ensure the well being and human rights of workers. Traffickers prey on vulnerable people: migrants seeking a better life, refugees, homeless and runaway youth, children in foster care, people with disabilities and survivors of natural disasters.

Prevention programs targeting at risk populations, communities and youth have proven to reduce vulnerability. Increasing the prosecution of traffickers ensures that others will not exploit those vulnerable with impunity. Together and to scale, these interventions can help us prevent human trafficking. After noticing a man traveling back and forth from the convenience store to an RV, truck driver Kevin noticed the RV begin to rock, and a young woman was trying to stick her head out the window, only to have it violently snapped back and a black curtain pulled in its place.

Kevin made a phone call on January 6th that resulted in the recovery of the year old from Clive, Iowa who had been tortured and trafficked. Moreover, both of her traffickers were sentenced to 40 and 41 years in prison. With two cents for freedom, more first responders can be trained to identify victims.

With very little support, they operate a hotline and arrange opportunities to remove these women from their captors. Ameena believes there are more than 3, women still enslaved and in need of immediate assistance. With two cents for freedom, people like Ameena will receive funding to continue operations and enhance rescue operations.

At 29 and after years of abuse and trafficking, Kayla returned to her home country of Romania to start rebuilding her life. With the support of her aftercare specialists, a long-term shelter and a dedicated volunteer, Kayla began to learn to read and write, advancing from a kindergarten reading level to 5th grade in just a few months.

With two cents for freedom, survivors will receive long term support and empower themselves forever. Chairat came from a poor family and sought a job with a Thai fishing company, so he could provide for his family.

AKMU (악동뮤지션) - FREEDOM (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han)

Instead, he was forced to work on a Thai fishing boat for two years.