For Our Children: A Dialogue of the American Dream

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We need engaged informed citizens to insure the "American Dream" is not the "American Nightmare". In my lifetime of just over a half a century, I have witnessed a nation with a government that is not consistent with the American Dream. I've seen discriminatory practices against our citizens and others. Wars upon nations motivated by different political philosophies and greed.

I see unequal justice in our courts. I see the rich and powerful controlling our government and just doing away with it whenever it is in it's economic interest. I do not see what I perceive as the "American Dream". My hope and vision is simply I would like our citizens and government to practice what is perceived as the American Dream. I would like a government that does not get involved in my religion, or try to sponsor or establish one. I would like a government that gives all it's great citizens equal justice. I would like a government that that does less "saber rattling", and understands that we live in a world of nations and not just our own.

I would like a citizenry and government that leads by example, in the sunshine and not in the shadows so all the world can see.

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We are the best and brightest the world has to offer. We are a great nation.

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We have a form of government that was conceived by brilliant men. This is why many have came here. My vision for the future of the American dream is we have a citizenry and government that conducts their personal and governmental affairs consistently with that dream. In my lifetime our citizens and government lost or forgot what the American dream is. I personally think this occurred dramatically around when for some unknown reason to me our citizens decided that our government was the problem and not the solution to our collective challenges. It is our government that was established by those brilliant men and I'm certain women also, that has given us all this universal understanding of the American Dream.

My vision and hope is all of the best and brightest the world has to offer and this great nation will solve our great challenges we face and our great nation will lead the world by example not rhetoric. In doing this we can preserve our universal perception of the "American Dream" and even more importantly make sure this universal perception is in fact reality, when for many it is not. Do you mean the United States of America's dream? The only dream that the USA has had throughtout its sordid history is of wealth and empire. As Sinclair Lewis put it: " Concerning my "vision for the future of the American Dream", it has less to do with developing one's internal potential and exploring one's external possibilities, but more do with noticing, acknowledging and accepting limits--not only external limits, but also internal limits.

As to how to achieve that vision, it has something to do with achieving a more austere lifestyle:. Posted by: C. Ikehara April 24, PM. My hope is that we come to see that the realization of our deepest dreams in America is tied to the realization of dreams by people across our shared planet. As a relatively new father, I have no doubt that the love I have for my daughter is experienced equally by parents for their children in Kenya, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, Iran.

Therefore, out of respect for the universal love of children, my dream is that we the people of the Earth make decisions with the true well-being of ALL children as the first consideration. In such a world, dropping bombs on families as we are doing regularly in Afghanistan could not be considered. Rather than sending our children off to kill the children of other parents, we'd spend our money instead on providing all children with clean water, health care, good food and schools.

We'd learn how to live sustainably, in a way that restores the degraded natural resources that are the life support system for all of our children. We'd stop using up so many of those resources in pursuit of "the American Dream" as we've been sold it. If we pursue happiness for every child on Earth, and create policies according to that intention, our children will inherit a more peaceful, prosperous, healthy world than we currently inhabit.

That's the dream of this American. I want to see an America that turns itself back to being a forward-looking society, a society that wants to break out of the dark ages and leave them behind. I want to see a return to primary concern with the frontiers of knowledge, "what is consciousness?

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I want to see a cultural understanding that , until achieved, a completed world view is the only meaningful goal toward which mankind can work. Posted by: John G.

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Messing April 24, AM. America is the promise to dream.

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It is the social contract between free men to mutually assured existence, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I would like you to ponder the difference between "reality" and "actuality". Our dreams are our reality, but they are shared only to the extent that they are actualized. Life is the essence. Howard Zinn said it best in your collection.

The future of the American Dream is in our ability to make safe the cradle of civilization. It is not a dream of Americans, but a place for free mankind to dream. My dream for America is that we start being as accepting of each others' beliefs and lifestyles as we are of which vegetables other people buy.

You can't go! I missed the April 16 broadcast and was looking forward to tonight's broadcast and I was not disappointed with it's insight and quality. However I am heart-broken to learn that Bill Moyer's Journal is to be no more. For years I have been comforted to know that there was still an honest, truly fair and balanced, voice of reason and sanity shining in the wilderness of misinformation, bloviation, and outright distortion the we suffer in the modern media.

You will be sorely missed. I feel we are all losing our center and listening to your show was always a stabilizing influence in my life. Who will take your place if that is even possible? You are my hero! My dream for America is the same as my dream for the world and for the Universe America is really big enough for this! The most intense sunspots in or so years are due to occur in Among other effects, sunspots disrupt magnetic fields. A few sunspots in recent decades have been large enough to reach across space and have an effect on radio transmissions on earth.

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It is feasable that within the next couple of years, an enormous sunspot will be able to wipe out all the information which is magnetic on most computer hard drives on earth. Needless to say, this would be catastrophic for many important paperless information systems. It would also be really sad for human communications, art, family records etc. But the most important thing it would do is to wipe out all financial records.

In a matter of days, the only money on earth would be literally the cash in your pocket. All the worst things America does -- to its own people and to the rest of the world -- are for greed over money.

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  6. War, sweatshops, clearcutting, mountaintop removal, habitat destruction, Big Pharma, health insurance, industrial food, infant formula, infant circumcision, etc. See, the trees will still bear fruit, chickens will still lay eggs, rain will still fall, plants will still grow. Small farmers will figure out a way to get food to some markets. People with healing talent will still be moved to care for folks. Mothers will still make milk and hug their children.

    It will take some adjusting -- a LOT of adjusting -- but it is possible that we could actually return to a better, simpler way of life and to the original spirit of an American Dream.

    See a Problem?

    So, I'm thinking we should start now to prepare for this possibility -- or at least to envision an America without the kind of capital which has destroyed the dream for most people it has touched. The American Dream is still real. It is many things -- it is a land of unlimited and opulent opportunity; opportunity to learn, to work and contribute, opportunity to freely choose your life style and pursue that choice. It is a great land with nearly unlimited natural and material resources guarantying the best chance in the world for success.

    The American Dream is not just available for the rich as some suggest.