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This post contains an affiliate link. That means when you get a great deal or maybe even something for free, you also help our family pay off our mortgage early. And for that, we royally thank you! I love the idea that under prevents tearing off too much. I have to admit that I am a toilet paper brand snob!

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It is one of the only things that I will almost never even try another brand or buy generic. And when you are a brand snob, looking for coupons is a MUST! I have to admit, nothing confuses me more than standing in the TP aisle with a handful of coupons and trying to figure out which brand and package size is the best deal.

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Do you have a good way to compare costs? Not just on price per roll but because TP is one of those things that can drive you into the store and you end up picking up way more than just that item. Having it delivered to your house keeps you from accidentally spending on a quick errand trip. The best way to save money can be to stay out of the store. Much like any industry, toilet paper brands have tried ways to cut costs in order to earn better returns without sacrificing the quality of their product. For decades toilet paper was a standard size and texture. The size was 4.

Little went into the thought of roll size or comfort. Toilet paper was a simple necessity with little innovation. Their mission was simple:.

Guess what, it worked. Below are a few of the changes that have taken place over the years obviously it depends on your specific brand :. Marketing toilet paper has become a big industry as well. When looking for the best toilet paper pay attention to the size of the roll. There are plenty of terms that are thrown around. Starting with regular, then big, double, jumbo among others.

It makes sense, a larger roll means 1 longer, 2 less frequent replacing, 3 more ply, and possibly 4 softer. This occurs when the biggest roll is too big for your holder — it gets stuck. Consider that a Mega roll equals 4x the length of a regular roll and most holders are made for regular rolls. Regular rolls have only 77 sheets and are usually double ply.

How to Save Money on Toilet Paper - Queen of Free

They are your cheapest option. With regular toilet rolls, you get what you pay for. Big toilet paper rolls are around sheets — not quite double a regular roll. Supreme rolls will fit all regular toilet paper holders and have an extra ply for softness and comfort. Mega rolls average over sheets per roll and last a long time sometimes multiple weeks for a family. They are more convenient and require less changing. Mega rolls also are more economical; buying larger rolls saves money compared to buying more regular size rolls. Have you ever used toilet paper that was so rough it made you sore?

How To Save Money On Toilet Paper – Which Toilet Paper Is Cheapest?

Have you ever used toilet paper so soft it fell apart when used? Finding the right texture of toilet paper can be a frustrating task. Buy the cheapest and it will probably feel like sandpaper. If you buy the softest toilet paper you might end up with lint everywhere.

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Standard Toilet Paper (Is My Toilet Paper Shrinking?)

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