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I am sure many have had this type of experience in traveling or even in their own city. Back to Italy… as my husband and I walked down the streets of Venice, Florence and Rome it was unusual to be in a crowd of Italians, especially in the main city streets and touristic areas, and not to mention the Museums! Most of these areas were crowded with Chinese people. The later have declining economies as well as a struggling middle classes. However, I think the most interesting observation concerns souvenirs.

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They also have a lot of leather goods, shoes, hand bags and much more …. Though the stores appeared to be owned by different people and some being permanent stores and some temporary street stores they were all selling the same items for nearly the same price.

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Oh, now we are really suspicious. After going to Florence and talking with some Italians, we found out that there is a city in Italy that is practically all Chinese called Prato. The Chinese started migrating there in the 70s. Now it is a place that does a lot of manufacturing. We found the original sources for all the original parts. We offer different blends of composite and we offer truss rods in our necks..

What A Shame!!!!!! It bolts in using the exact same system as LSR or Klein or Steinberger and it has slots with set screws to use regular style springs. We guarantee your satisfaction. The old Steinberger unit is nothing more than an add on item that is held in place by the spring tension. This unit makes it possible to change but it seems like a poor design. When buying a Moses neck somewhere else, please be aware that the externally mounted truss rod adjusting wheel that Ed Roman provides will not fit correctly on other Moses necks.

Steinberger Parts

The Moses cavity is too deep. Moses makes a good quality neck. In fact they make our necks also. The prices are about the same and our neck will allow you to adjust your truss rod without removing your neck. Plus our price is usually lower than direct!!!! Sometimes unavoidably we get them on trades! We found a small box of these curved leg-rest units sealed up inside of another box These were the original ones that came on he original Brooklyn models Limited quantity available.


Very few left so don't dawdle!!!! Custom Made Bodies Available. Ed Roman can easily add custom routes to any body that you want to purchase. Ed can even retop your stock Steinberger body to add a great deal of beauty to an otherwise plain looking guitar. We will take your old body on trade and allow a very decent trade in value. The LSR replacement bodies are very beautiful custom made bodies that are guaranteed to bolt up to any original Pre Music Yo Steinberger. If you want something to fit a post music Yo guitar we will have to make some modifications before we ship.

No one has ever asked us to modify a Music Yo guitar.

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After all you can't polish a turd!!!! All Parts Sales Final. Partial Inventory Of Steinberger Bodies. Ed Roman wants to buy your old body. So trade it in when you buy one of these.

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There are certain situations where it becomes unavoidable and LSR must deal with Asian companies for certain parts but LSR does that strictly as a last resort. LSR is planning to try and reduce prices on many of the hard to find parts as soon as possible so that the cost factor will no longer be quite as high. LSR Headless Guitars. These are not composite. These are actually true graphite necks.

Yes they do cost more but hey, it's only money!!!!!!! Steinberger Strings. Click Here For Steinberger Necks. STB BB4. Bass Bridge 4 Late Model Complete. Bass Bridge 5 String Late Model.