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Who should attend: This programme is intended to strengthen leaders, activists, community workers, and citizens to remain actively engaged in the world, supported by new capacities and a strong community, in devoted service to the human spirit. You must be present for the entire year. Margaret Wheatley writes, speaks, and teaches globally. Do we passively stand by and watch the continuing dismissal of the human spirit, or do we stand up and do what's right on behalf of people.


Warriors for the Human Spirit Training is her personal response to this question. She is President of The Berkana Institute, an organizational consultant since , a global citizen since her youth, and a prolific writer. Meg has presented short courses at Schumacher for many years.

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He is a master of improvisation and works with groups to explore voice, movement and presence as the way to come awake and form a cohesive team. Can I move out of my desires and wants, and into compositional choices? Barbara Bash is an artist interested in communication in all its forms.

She has written and illustrated many highly acclaimed books about the natural world for adults and children. She is a calligrapher, illustrator and teacher who leads classes in field sketching, communication practices, as well as the popular Big Brush workshops where participants learn to trust their own creative instincts while working with enormous horsehair brushes and great buckets of ink. Alan Sloan is an executive coach and consultant working with people to develop stable minds through meditation and other mindful practices.

When we take full responsibility for our own state of mind, heart and body, we face our fears and limitations.

Warriors For The Human Spirit | Schumacher College

We can acknowledge that we are just human beings--full of potential, creativity, sanity and, sometimes, confusion. This gentle bravery can become the ground for moving forward, for understanding the people we work with, and accomplishing our goals. Michael Chender has been a student and teacher of meditation in the Buddhist and Shambhala traditions for 45 years.

This combination definitely helped develop his sense of humour. In he founded the Shambhala Institute of Authentic Leadership later ALIA, now part of Naropa University which brought together contributors working at the leading edge of tough social problems. Having sold his company happily , he is now supporting a social movement among the many thousands working with a forward-looking view in his home province of Nova Scotia, offering training in collaborative methodologies and the foundational skills of systems view, mindfulness, and listening, with explorations of the deep structures of local politics and culture.

He has worked with all the faculty listed here at the Authentic Leadership in Action institute with programs in Canada, the U. As a long term teacher and practitioner of this internal discipline, it is her experience that mind space and body space need to fuse in a profound way to bring the mind to reign and transform the body into something we call inner peace, or openness, or wisdom.

Working with the subtle perception of one's own body, what has been blocked or disconnected can be brought into alignment; these energies then become available for mindful and genuine actions. If you would like to book onto one of our short courses, you will need to create an account. This is a simple process of choosing a username, email address and password. Once you have created an account you will receive a verification email. Please click on the verification link within to have full access to the site and to make your booking.

We will email you confirmation of your payment and any further communication about your course application. All meals will be provided at the college. A place can not be guaranteed unless we receive your deposit or payment on your chosen course. If you would like to apply for a bursary , please do this before making your course application. It is our hope that our bursaries support a wide cross section of participation on our short course programme.

The number of bursaries available is limited, competition is strong and funding is not always available for every short course. A bursary award is not intended to cover travel or incidental expenses.

Applications are viewed on a case-by-case basis and we are unable to enter into discussions on any decisions. We generally have many more applications for bursaries than we have funding available. We can only offer one bursary per person per year and priority is given to those who have not attended the college or received a bursary before. To help us support as many people as possible, please only apply if you would be unable to attend the course without a bursary.

Six weeks before the course is due to start all bursary applications will be considered and responded to. If successful you will be required to accept our Bursary Terms and Conditions. Skip to main content. Create an account. Warriors For The Human Spirit Fee is inclusive of three five-day, six night training courses, including all vegetarian meals meals and private lodging at Schumacher College - The Elmhirst Centre, Dartington Hall.

Fee also includes interim community building activities, and personal advisement.

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We recommend that before booking this programme you undergo a period of contemplation around the following three questions: 1. What in your life and work has led you to this point of taking on the role of Warrior for the Human Spirit? What has been your experience with people that has made you want to be a champion for the human spirit?

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Does this role feel like a fulfillment of your purpose or vocation? If you have any concerns about whether this programme is suitable for you then please send the answers to these questions or any further queries you may have to the course leaders on amd warriors4humanspirit. The Trainings develop in depth capacities and skillful means in three areas: 1.

One hand they were likeable as people and on the other hand, they were not adding value or impact to the business.

Warrior Leaders course

They were allowing the business people to do their own thing. There was inconsistency in pay.

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There were inconsistent hiring practices and really no standards in performance management. The organization transitioned out that HR person and brought in a new leader who embodied courage. The first thing the new HR person did was ask what the business was trying to accomplish.

Why You Need to Be Courageous

And said they needed to align HR with the business goals. She put in place one competency model, one performance management process and one talent management process for everybody. He raised his voice and told her he knew better than her and he could do whatever he wanted. She raised her voice back at him and told him he had to stop the top grading.

After the conflict, she thought she would be fired. There were improvements in employee engagement and performance. HR is the conscience of an organization.